For over 50 years the Bisa family has been producing and distributing high quality straps for rare and precious watches throughout the national and international market. The GB Italia company inherits its historical experience that has been handed down from father to son. 

The GB Italia team shares passion for the product, for modern watches and the vintage world, with the aim of bringing "simple" straps to life with a fusion of style, art, fashion, elegance and tradition.
GB Italia has an extraordinary target and company policy where customer satisfaction is the first priority. For this reason, we are able to provide any product even out of the catalog and to customize our straps in the most varied ways allowing the customer to really choose what to "wear".

Our passion precedes us, tradition accompanies us; these are the strengths we want to share with You.
It's not about simple straps ... they are style, elegance, fashion and art blended together in a single element. Who lives this passion like us knows it well!

But even if you are not among the fans of the sector and you are here by chance, or out of pure curiosity, we invite You to follow us and discover this fascinating world.


Our values



For decades we have been selecting the finest leathers to entrust them to historic craftsmen who, with their skilled hands, manufacture the finest items with attention to the smallest details. We want our clientele to be always satisfied at the highest levels and to perceive the care we have for It.



All GB Italia products are the result of a job carried out with great commitment and professionalism, above all passion of careful craftsmen. Putting ourselves and our emotions in this work makes our products unique; this allows us to meet the needs of all our customers who are passionate about this fascinating world.



Tradition is the cardinal point in our country; for centuries the Made in Italy especially in fashion and craftsmanship has distinguished us from the rest of the world. GB Italia wanted to renew and perpetuate a tradition that began half a century ago. .