For several years now Gb Italia has passionately served to Dressing watches with style and elegance, to guarantee the best quality to its customers every day, whether they are private individuals, jewelers or wholesalers.

The trust you place in us day after day fills us of joy, confirming that we are moving in the right direction, and is an indication that the passion for the world of straps and watches is what we have in common.

It is from this passion that "gb for" was born, with the aim to collaborate and enhance those who, each in the way that best distinguishes them, contribute enormously to the growth, development and innovation of this fascinating world.

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A great watch lover, his dream is to create a mature and aware community.
This is how Marco Bracca founds Wrist Addiction, to tell the story of watchmaking.

Very present on social networks, you will certainly appreciate the videos of him on his YouTube channel, which boasts over 70 thousand subscribers.

A collaboration is therefore born, with a selection of products recommended and marked Marco Bracca.
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We are each other's fans.

Pasquale, a great lover of watches and mechanics, founds PSQ watches (Passion, Suggestion & Questions about watches) to share his watchmaking vision with our beloved Beautiful Country.

You can visit his website to the following link:

Click HERE to access the selection of our articles, recommended and marked PSQ.